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How has Zumba® Fitness changed your life?

Quotes I ran into Manny at a Booty Poppin' Boot Camp in 2014. I loved his style and he made the experience really fun. It wasn't until the beginning of 2015 that I made the decision to be healthier and lose some weight. At that point, I was 80 pounds over weight. I started to make healthy choices in my eating and notice some weight lost. It motivated me to make a commitment to be a new me (physically). I started walking on the treadmill at my apartment complex fitness center, but I got bored. I thought of the boot camp and Manny and how much fun I had dancing. So, I look for him at at local fitness center and fell in love with his music, personality and routines - all of which keep me coming back. It's been 3 months since I started Manny's classes and I have already lost 30 pounds. Manny made the exercise experience something I love doing. I am so grateful. I am pretty quiet in class, so I haven't said anything directly, but he should know how much he inspires others. Thank you! Quotes
Dancer in Me

Quotes instructor training was. I mustered up the courage and got my license February of 2014. Manny quickly took me under his wing and became an AMAZING mentor and helped me in so many ways. He gave me the push that I needed to really excel in everything I did. I am now teaching at LA Fitness and on the sub list for Ignight. Manny played a HUGE part in my journey and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. He is amazing, inspiring, and willing to help anyone in any way that he can. Thank you Manny for being you! :) Quotes
Megan Hill
MC Mentee cont.

Quotes Wow wow wow. Where do I start?! Words can't express how inspirational Manny is. I was dragged into my first Zumba class by my mom and I was mortified. Minutes after this happens, a man walks through the door with this HUGE welcoming smile. Of course I was so far in the back I was guarding the emergency exit the whole time. But as class went on, Manny's energy and love for dance was what made the class amazing. Not only did the hour fly by and I had a great time, it was just great to see how much he enjoyed teaching. As time went on, I found myself going to Zumba more and more and then ended up going even when my mom wasn't coming. I slowly made my way to the middle of the room, and after about 3-4 months I found myself in the front line. Needless to say I fell in LOVE with Zumba. Manny then started to bring me up occasionally for a song or two during class and I was scared to death! I then started to get more and more comfortable doing I that I found myself researching when the next... Quotes
Megan Hill
MC Mentee ;)

Quotes After 38 years of having a sedentary job and lifestyle, I tried Zumba for the first time during the fall of 2013. When I began this journey, I couldn?t get down or up from the floor. One year later, I can get up and down off the floor with ease, have lost 15 pounds, clothes two sizes smaller are getting baggy, and my stamina is much better. All this from just doing Zumba. I have attended many different Zumba classes, and can tell you some are more fun than others. Manny?s Zumba class is one that is a lot of fun, a great workout, and it makes you feel good! The enthusiasm in the room from him and his students is contagious and inspiring. If I can do this, any other couch potato can too! It?s is a lot of fun and you will find your body will thank you as you progress and you will make a lot of new friends along the way. Although I have a long way to go, I know I will get there in time and want to thank Manny for teaching Zumba and being a blessing to others! Quotes
Sharyn Alexander
Retired and Loving It!

Quotes estaba en su clase la extra?o muchoooo ya tenia como 1mes 1/2 yendo pero en noviembre saliendo de mi clase fui por mi hija a la escuela una sra. distraida nos golpeo con su auto y termine en el hospital en reston :( desde ese dia hasta hoy sigo con mucho dolor en mi espalda mis planes eran regresar en enero pero recai otra ves estube en cama otra semana toda la de navidad mi doc. me dijo que puedo regresar al Gym pero solo a caminar en el agua asi que estare pronto por aya y a mi zumba nose cuando regrese pero pondre todo de mi parte para que sea pronto :) no sabe la alegria tan grande que fue para mi asistir a su clase solo bailaba con mi hija wii por eso me anime a ir el primer dia de zumba fue hermoso apesar que nose bailar me gusto tanto y lo mejor fue que aguante :) la hora le dije a usted que era malisima y que tenia 2 pies izquierdos pero usted me contesto lo hiciste bien y tu puedes :) asi que no falte a su clase y me emocionaba tanto como que me regreso la energia a mi cuer Quotes
Norma K
Thank You

Quotes I am going to keep this short and sweet. Zumba with Manny is the most fun I have with clothes on. It's an invigorating, exhilarating, FUN, full body workout! Manny's energy and charisma will take your fitness routine to new levels. It is amazing what one hour of his class can do for your body, your mind and your soul. LOVE it. would NEVER change it. <3 Quotes
Dancer Extraordinaire (not)

Quotes Zumba fitness is not the same without you teaching, Manny Carreras!!! You are the best instructor on the planet. You are the reason why classes are so successful and packed to full capacity!! Keep Rockin!! You have a very long group of followers. Bottom line, YOU make the difference! Never stop.... Quotes
Financial Analyst

Quotes Zumba has changed the way I deal with people tremendously. Before I started Zumba I was a very shy, introvert person. One day, I was standing at the door and there was Manny teaching the Zumba class. The commotion, the excitement of the students caught my attention. I decided to come, tried it and I still coming to Zumba . My life has changed for good, I am more conscious of the things I do and have learned to take care of myself to be a healthier person, emotionally and physically. Every time I come to the class, I see it as going to a party, where I meet friends, move, laugh and enjoy it while dancing and moving. Zumba is for everyone, doesn't discriminate against anyone. It is addictive, but in a positive way. Quotes
Wanda Morales
Different Me

Quotes I turned 40 in January of 2013.... I had been planning on doing something once I turned 40 for myself, not my 3 kids!!! I chose Zumba. I am Soooooooo glad I did. I have lost 20.5 lbs and 14 inches. I used to be a couch potato. I now do Zumba 3 times a week. It had literally changed my life. I hated exercise.... Now I hate it if class is canceled. I love zumba. It is FUN, or I wouldn't do it. I am happier, healthier and honestly I feel good about ME, which has happened in years.... Quotes
Happy Momma